Antti visits the European Jazz Academy for workshops

The European jazz work shop will be held in Heek-Nienborg, Germany in 1.-8. Mai.
The faculty consists of interesting musicians, led by legendary Jiggs Whigham.
More info:

and a trailer video of the camp in 2014:  


Master classes


Antti Rissanen visited Estonia for a big band work shop.
Have a look at the concert here:

Antti Rissanen visited Moscow

Antti Rissanen visited Moscow and made a jazz master class for the 
military wind orchestra school big band on the 25th of January 2015.


Antti Rissanen visited the European Jazz Academy

Antti Rissanen visited the European Jazz Academy 2014 as a dozent,
along with Jiggs Whigham (USA), Alex Riel (DEN), Mats Winding (DEN), Palle Mikkelborg (DEN), Florian Weber (GER) among others.

European Jazz Academy, Antti, Jiggs Whigham and the students, Heek, Germany, 2014.